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With LoyJoy Live Chat engage with customers instantly and answer questions.


Live Chat Fully Integrated Into LoyJoy

Integrate the powerful asynchronous live chat completely into your LoyJoy chat!

Instant Communication
With LoyJoy Live Chat, you can engage customers instantly, answer questions and increase conversions.
Collaborate seamlessly on customer conversations with your team.
Easy Transfer
Direct customers to your curated experiences effortlessly.
Utilize pre-designed message templates for rapid responses to frequent inquiries.
Employ asynchronous messaging to ensure queries are addressed promptly, regardless of your online status.
GPT Integration
Integrate with GPT for autonomous handling of routine questions, reserving manual responses for complex issues.

Empower Your Team with LoyJoy's Live Chat Management

Streamline Customer Conversations and Enhance Support with Integrated Backend Solutions

Fully Featured Backend

Your team members can simply log into the LoyJoy backend and manage all chats from there. When a team member answers a chat request, it gets assigned to them. Unassigned chat requests are shown in a queue and can be picked up by any team member. This way, you can ensure that all chat requests are answered in a timely manner.

All the Information You Need

The chat backend provides all the information you need to answer questions. All the data entered by customers is shown in the chat backend. Additionally, you can see where the customer is on your website and what they have done so far in the chat.

Link to Experiences or Articles

You can send customers to existing experiences or articles that you have created. This enables you to quickly satisfy customer requests with minimal manual intervention. By combining the live chat with LoyJoy experiences, you can create a seamless customer journey.

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