Conversational Platform

Process Modules With Built-in Business Logic

LoyJoy Platform is made up of BPMN process modules that you can easily arrange using our no-code process editor. We're continuously adding new modules to this growing list.

Add variables

This process module stores values in process variables.

Advent calendar door

Let customers open a new door every day in a Christmas countdown.


Show an animation in the Web chat.

API client

Send request to external API. You can send data from LoyJoy as URL parameters or POST payload and save data from the response as variables.

Appointment scheduler

Offer customers to make appointments in well-defined time slots.

Article gallery

Present your articles and offer to read them.


Offer your customers to authenticate with Auth0.

Automatic jump

Jump to another process module or into another experience.

Azure Active Directory

Offer your customers to authenticate with Azure Active Directory.


Ask customers for their birthdate.

Campaign Monitor

Connect LoyJoy to Campaign Monitor for adding subscribers.


Connect LoyJoy to CleverReach for adding subscribers.


Display a text message that can be copied to the clipboard.

Code entry

Your customers can enter codes to participate in a giveaway or loyalty program.


Track the conversion rate of your experience in the LoyJoy analytics and in the weekly analytics report via email.

Coupon code

Show coupon codes in the chat or send them by email. Optionally you can output the coupon codes as barcode or QR code. The following variables are created here: {'${coupon_code}'}.

Create PDF

Generate a PDF file based on a HTML template and offer it your customers for downloading or send the PDF via email.

Create process instance

Use this if you want customers to be able to go through the same experience in separate process instances.

Decision jump

Offer quick replies to let your customers decide to jump into another experience or to a process module.

Decision table

Define a decision table based on decision rules to read and write variables.

Delete Variables

This process module deletes one or several variables.

Edit email address

Enable your customers to edit their email address.


Ask your customers for their email address.


Trigger an event with the name of your choice. The event is (1) emitted via the LoyJoy JavaScript API, (2) stored in the LoyJoy Analytics database, and (3) triggers signal process modules that wait for the event name.

External link

Direct your customers to an external website with a link.

First name

Ask customers for their first name.


Ask customers for their gender.

Giveaway participation

Your customers must provide their email address to participate. You can draw the winners later under the manage tab using a random selection tool.


Say goodbye to customers.

Google BigQuery

Store data in BigQuery by inserting a row.

Google Maps

Ask your customers for their address and calculate the distances to each destination provided. The four closest destinations are provided as a list. For more than 25 destinations, the latitude and longitude of the destination must also be provided.

Google Pub/Sub

Connect LoyJoy with the Google Cloud Platform via Google Pub/Sub.

GPT follow-up question

Consider the chat history and create a standalone follow-up question that can be answered with GPT Knowledge.

GPT Knowledge

Answer your customer’s questions using GPT. GPT considers the sources and catalogs that you have stored under Knowledge.

GPT Prompt

Define your own command and system message to query GPT. The output is stored in the variable "gpt_output".

GPT Smalltalk

Use GPT to respond to your customer’s small talk.

Handover via email

Offer your customers a form to submit a request via email.


Send data to Hubspot.

Image gallery

Show one or more images in an image gallery.

Instant drawing

Draw customers with a defined probability.


Send data to Inxmail.


JavaScript can be executed in the user’s browser. This can result in variables that can be used in the next process steps.

Jump to home view

If a home view is configured this process module jumps to it. The jump is executed directly when the experience is opened. To prevent this, place a decision jump or a continuation question before the jump.


Offer your customers to authenticate with Keycloak.

Language selection

Customers can choose which language they prefer.

Last name

Ask customers for their last name.


Display a list in the chat.

Live chat

Once customers enter the live chat, the chat can be taken over under 'Live'.

Lottie animation

Show a Lottie animation in the Web chat.

Loyalty points

Give loyalty points to your customers. Specify whether customers can receive loyalty points once or multiple times, and whether they must agree to terms.

Loyalty redemption

Let your customers redeem loyalty points by storing them in the redemptions table in this process module. Enter this process module in a loyalty reward as a jump target and thereby enable customers to redeem the the reward for loyalty points.

Loyalty referral

When set-up in the social sharing subprocess, links contain a token to verify customer referral upon signup.

Loyalty rewards

Offer rewards that your customers can redeem for their loyalty points.

Loyalty sharing

Invite your customers to share the experience on loyalty media with their friends to receive loyalty points.


Exchange data with Mailchimp.

Main prize

Show a main prize.

Mini program

Mini programs show the content of an URL in an overlay.

Newsletter opt-in

Ask customers to opt-in for a newsletter. We support the double opt-in procedure, where the newsletter subscription is only activated by clicking a confirmation link. This can be switched off if it is not required in your jurisdiction.


Send notifications to your customers.

NPS survey

Use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to assess the loyalty of your customer relationships.


Exchange data with OneTrust.

Opening hours

Enter your opening hours to execute time based logic. During opening hours the variable {'${opening_hours_open}'} is set to true, otherwise it is set to false.


Exchange data with Optimizely.


Ask for a password, which is stored encrypted in the session.

Personal data intro

Ask for permission before collecting personal data.

Personal data outro

Use this optionally after collecting personal data to thank the customers.

Phone number

Ask customers for their phone number.


Let your customers vote in a poll and show the results in real time. Make sure that a questionnaire module is available in the Experience to select the appropriate question.

Postal address

Ask customers for their postal address.

Prizes gallery

Show your customers one or more prizes.


You can send a specific transaction or a rating to ProCampaign at this position.

Proceed question

Ask your customers in the chat if they want to proceed. Use this process module to structure the chat flow into well-structured pieces.

Product feed

Connect your product feed to display products in LoyJoy. The number of the featured products is stored in the variable "product_feed_result_count".

Product gallery

Show your customers one or more products.

Profiling opt-in

Ask customers to opt-in for profiling. We support the double opt-in procedure, where the profiling is only activated by clicking a confirmation link. This can be switched off if it is not required in your jurisdiction.


Collect data from your customers with a questionnaire and save the answers as process variables at the experience.


Your customers can engage in a quiz. Your customers can repeat the question as many times as they want if they get the answers wrong.


Exchange data with Rapidmail.


Send data to ReachFive or load data from ReachFive.


Allow only customers from certain regions to use the chat.

Reminder notification

Send reminder notifications to your customers, which have given a reminder double opt-in.

Reminder opt-in

Offer reminders to your customers at customisable intervals. We support the double opt-in procedure, where the reminder subscription is only activated by clicking a confirmation link. This can be switched off if it is not required in your jurisdiction.


Restart the chatflow.

Return jump

Jump into another experience. As soon as the end event is reached in the other experience, automatically jump back to this experience.

Salesforce Interaction Studio

Send data to Salesforce Interaction Studio.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Send data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Send data to Salesforce Service Cloud.


Display a scanner so your customers can scan products, QR codes, bar codes. If no categories are used, the barcode is provided with the following variable: {'${scanner_code}'}.

Scondoo cashback

Activate uploading collected data to Scondoo.


Customers can search for articles that can be created in the knowledge area.

Send email

Send an email here.

Session reset

Reset the process session with its variables, and reset the chat history.


Write process variables by SFTP to a SFTP server.

Share image

Let your customers share an image from the chat to their friends. This displays a share button that invokes the native sharing mechanism of the device. This works on mobile devices, for desktop devices there is a fallback option.

Share link

Invite your customers to share the experience on social media with their friends.


Display products from your Shopify store in the chat. Customers can add products to the shopping cart and view the content of their cart.

Sign in

To authenticate, customers are asked to enter their email address.


Trigger execution of this process by waiting for an incoming signal/event.


Request live chat agent availability from Sikom and hand over live chats to Sikom.

Simple message

Displays a text message, optionally with an image.

SMS opt-in

Ask customers to opt-in for notifications via text.


Your customers can send photos to your chatbot. Contents of the photos can be recognised with artificial intelligence integrated in LoyJoy.


This process module stops the process execution. The following process module can be triggered e.g. by jumps.


This process module sets or removes tags.

Tag preference center

Offer new tags to customer and allow customer to de-select existing tags.

Terms of participation

Ask your customers in the chat for confirmation on terms. The consent is stored as a variable and opt-in.

Video gallery

Show one or more videos in a video gallery.

Voice message

Send up to five audio or voice messages.

Voice recorder

Your customers can send audio messages to your chatbot. The audio messages of signed-in customers can be viewed in the history tab.

Web component

Display a Web component within the chat.

Web push opt-in

Ask customers to opt-in for web push notifications.


Connect an external Web service via HTTP POST, which makes process variables available in the chat.


Welcome your customers in the chat.


Trigger a recipe in Workato.

Yotpo review

The review data is first collected in the chat and then transferred here.


Trigger a Zap in Zapier.