Conversational Platform

A Powerful No-Code Platform for Building Smart Chatbots Lightning Fast

LoyJoy empowers teams to create meaningful interactions themselves. Get the support you need from our Customer Success Team or your preferred agency and consultancy partner.

Drag & Drop Building Kit

Empower Your Ideas Without Code

Accelerate Development.
Build powerful chat-based services lightning fast with pre-built modules.
Simplify Process Management.
Effortlessly design and execute processes with our intuitive drag-and-drop no code editor.
Implement Logic Seamlessly.
Add if-then logic without coding.
Automate with BPMN.
Elevate your business processes with our BPMN engine via chat.
Maximize reach.
Build once, publish everywhere: Websites, Instagram, TikTok, Native Apps & more.

Empower Your Business with AI

Generative AI at Your Fingertips

Custom AI Solutions.
Tailor-made for your business needs, leverage the advanced capabilities of GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 to gain competitive insights and make data-driven decisions.
Seamless Integration.
Effortlessly incorporate any website into your workflow. Our platform supports a wide array of file formats, including PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and more, ensuring your information is always at your fingertips.
Data Privacy and Compliance.
Hosted exclusively in the EU, our platform adheres to the strictest data protection standards, ensuring GDPR compliance without compromising on performance.
Bring Your Own LLM.
Use your own GPT model from Microsoft Azure or OpenAI whenever you want. Simply with plug-and-play.

Smart AI Conversations: Elevate Engagement with Precision

Revolutionize Customer Interaction with Multi-Step GPT Integration

Intelligent Inquiry Categorization.
Our GPT integration effortlessly categorizes all types of customer inquiries, from knowledge-based questions to follow-ups and casual conversations.
Seamless Process Integration.
Incorporate your unique processes into GPT.
Automated Action Execution.
Go beyond traditional customer service with fully automated responses.

Delightful Dialogues: Transform Engagement into Joy

Conversations That Make People Smile

Enhanced Conversion Rates.
Expect not just improved conversions but interactions that captivate and convert with ease.
Joyful Customer Experiences.
Beyond transactions, we create wildly enjoyable experiences that leave your customers smiling.
Interactive Animations.
Bring your conversations to life with animations that engage and entertain.
Engaging Quizzes.
Spark curiosity and enhance engagement with fun, interactive quizzes.
Gamified Elements.
Turn interactions into adventures with gamification, making every customer touchpoint an exciting journey.

Seamless Security

Authenticate customers directly in the Chat Flow

Seamless OAuth 2.0 Integration.
Your customers can easily authenticate themselves or be recognized if they're already logged in, ensuring a personalized chat experience from the start.
Smart Customer Recognition.
Instantly differentiate between new visitors and returning customers.
Cross-Platform Recognition.
Customers logged in on your website are automatically recognized in the chat—and vice versa.
Broad Platform Support.
LoyJoy seamlessly integrates with leading authentication providers, including Azure Active Directory, KeyCloak, Auth0, and ReachFive.

Live chat

Powerful Asynchronous Live Chat

Asynchronous Chat.
Customers can start a conversation and continue it later, ensuring they never miss out on important updates or answers to their queries.
Seamless Agent Integration.
Empower your agents to jump into automated chat conversations effortlessly. Armed with a comprehensive customer overview—including previous interactions, queries, and chat histories.
Flexible Response Timing.
Your team has the freedom to respond at their convenience, ensuring they can provide thoughtful, well-considered answers.
Instant Customer Notifications.
When your team responds, customers are promptly notified with a link to rejoin the conversation, ensuring they never miss out on important updates or answers to their queries.


Three Levels of AI. Pick Yours.

Smart Search with GPT AI

Use our instant search-as-you-type feature with pre-defined results. Let GPT write the content based on your website and files like PDF and Word. Edit to provide only 100 % reliable information.

ChatGPT-3.5 & GPT-4

The most powerful AI at your fingertips and fully integrated to LoyJoy. Fuel your business-specific ChatGPT by simply uploading readable documents or your websites to LoyJoy. Hosted in the EU for GDPR-compliance.

Intent-based AI for NLU

The classical approach: Train your Natural Language Understanding (NLU) algorithm to understand customer inquiries and provide pre-defined responses. This AI won't generate answers.

Private & Secure

Privacy-first Platform


As a German-based platform we built LoyJoy with GDPR-compliance in its core.

Local Storage

Store data directly in your existing systems, in LoyJoy, or solely on customer end devices.


Data at rest and in transit is encrypted according to highest industry standards.


Scalability & Rollout-capability

Rollout globally

Use LoyJoy's multi-tenant and copy capabilities to rollout smoothly.


Translate to 34 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Arabic (RTL).

Scales automatically

LoyJoy handles millions of chat per day and will cover your peaks instantly.

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