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Use over 40 LoyJoy modules to connect with your customers in WhatsApp.


Use WhatsApp for your LoyJoy experiences

Integrate WhatsApp into your LoyJoy experiences and reach your customers directly in their favorite messaging app.

Over 40 LoyJoy Modules available

In WhatsApp, you can use over 40 LoyJoy modules to create a seamless customer experience. Most of the standard LoyJoy modules are available, including questionnaires, live chat, and the Salesforce Service Cloud integration. In general, most text- and image-based modules are available as well as functionality relying on standard quick reply buttons such as proceed question or decision gateway. Most of the integrations of third-party services, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, or the general API client, are available as well.

How It Works

To use the WhatsApp integration, you can simply connect a LoyJoy experience to WhatsApp directly in LoyJoy. You can create a new WhatsApp business account on the fly or reuse an existing one. Your customers can then start a conversation with you in WhatsApp and go through the experience you have created for them.


WhatsApp charges a fee for each conversation with each conversation lasting 24 hours. Inside this time frame, many messages can be sent without additional charge. LoyJoy uses so-called “Service Conversations” in WhatsApp. The first 1,000 user-initiated service conversations each month are free. Additional conversation costs differ between markets. For more details the most up-to-date information, see the [WhatsApp pricing page](

Example Use Cases

Here are some example use cases for the WhatsApp integration:

Customer service live chat
Customer service live chat: Greet you customers in WhatsApp and answer their questions in real-time.
Lead generation
Allow customers to enter their email address and phone number in WhatsApp.
Raffle participation
Let customers participate in a raffle directly in WhatsApp.

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