Automate Customer Journeys with our process engine and Gen AI. Increase Customer Satisfaction.

LoyJoy offers municipal utilities (Stadtwerke) and energy companies a variety of ways to automate customer journeys and increase customer satisfaction via chat.

Success Cases for the Municipal Utilities and Energy Sector

Answering Questions with GPT AI
Convenient 24/7 support for your customers, increased efficiency for your teams.
LoyJoy can be integrated into your existing systems and enables processes such as changing payment schedules directly in the chat.
Live Chat
Offer the personal touch of a live chat. Be available around the clock and chat asynchronously.
From budget billing changes to meter reading reports: Automate processes and take the pressure off your teams.
Lead Generation
Many dynamic interactions with increased conversion rates.
Product Recommendations
Ask your customers what they are looking for and show them the right products.

Success Case

Faster, More Accurate Customer Service with AI

In cooperation with our partner Trianel GmbH and Stadtwerke Herne AG, LoyJoy enables the use of artificial intelligence in the customer service of municipal utilities.

Faster, More Accurate Customer Service with AI

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