Conversational Platform

Expression Engine

LoyJoy provides a powerful expression engine to evaluate expressions.

Expression Engine

LoyJoy Expression Language: Evaluating Expressions in Experiences

LoyJoy offers a robust expression language that enables you to evaluate expressions within your experiences. This expression language is a subset of Jakarta Expression Language, simplified for security concerns, and allows you to programmatically access and combine process variables and functions.

Using Expressions

Expressions can be utilized in various ways, including conditions, variable value assignments, and interpolated texts such as chat message bubbles and email templates. You can create simple expressions like gender == "male" ? "Dear Mr." : "Dear Ms." or complex expressions like stringContains(getParam("haystack"), "needle").

Benefits of LoyJoy Expression Language

With LoyJoy’s expression language, you can create dynamic and personalized experiences for your customers. By accessing process variables and functions programmatically, you can tailor the conversation flow based on customer input and behavior. This results in a more engaging and relevant experience for your customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates.


In summary, LoyJoy’s expression language is a powerful tool that allows you to evaluate expressions in experiences. By using expressions and literals, you can create dynamic and personalized experiences that engage your customers and drive conversions.